About Dr. Sal Yannizzi

 pastor-mrs-yannizzi-2   Dr. Yannizzi was born in Philadelphia in October 1960. Born into a non practicing Catholic home. At the age of 19 he trusted Jesus as his personal Savior, and the Change began. In just a few short years the Lord began to work in his life bringing a much needed change. In 1981 He was called to preach, and immediately began his training. He has served as a Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor before becoming the Sr. Pastor of the Southside Baptist Church in March of 1988.




In 1981 Pastor Yannizzi married his life’s mate, Donna. They have been Married now for almost 28years.They have four children. Nicole, Joseph, Christina, and Amanda. Thier eldest daughter Nicole is now married to Jason Poppa, who serves as the Youth Pastor of the Valley Baptist Church. And as of now one grand child, Juliana. God has been so good the the Yannizzi family.















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